Message from Chief Patron (IUAA)

Dear Alumni,

The era of globalization and New-Age technology have today coincided with a big bang and joined hands together to effect a radical reorientation of life & society and no less in science & technology. We witness the rapid changes occurring globally everyday. To keep pace with rapid advancement of technology domain, IFTM University has evolved into a forum of higher education with a difference. We always value the time spent with collegians in the campus and desire their next phase as Alumni to be equally rewarding for the lifetime. Today, our Alumni occupy the key positions in the corporate, government, academics and also as entrepreneurs. The time has come when our Alumni, who are spread all over the world, step-up and contribute to their Alma Mater as a Think Tank.

I take this opportunity to invite the entire Alumni of IFTM University so as to keep the valued association strong and steadfast. I wish constant upgradation of exemplary standards of services to our present and past student community. We will continue to stand together to make it possible for the achievement of our Vision, Mission and Values. I hope you will keep on sharing your stories with us.

Wish you all a bright future ahead!!!

Thank You
Rajiv Kothiwal
Chief Patron (IUAA) & Chancellor