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1Approval of conducting SASE Webinar.Click Here
2Approval of conducting SPS 2nd Webinar.Click Here
3Approval of conducting SOS Webinar.Click Here
4Approval of conducting SSS Webinar.Click Here
5Approval of conducting SET Webinar.Click Here
6Approval of conducting Polytechnic Webinar.Click Here
7Approval of conducting SBM Webinar.Click Here
8Approval of conducting SBT Webinar.Click Here
9Approval of conducting SCSA Webinar.Click Here
10Approval of Webinar conducting on September 18, 2021.Click Here
11Regarding Alumni Activities Calendar.Click Here
12Regarding Distinguished Alumni Award CommitteeClick Here
13Notification regarding IUAA newsletter, logo & membership cardClick Here
14Conduction of IUAA activityClick Here
15Regarding statements of well placed Alumni of IFTM UniversityClick Here
16IFTM University Alumni Association (IUAA) Click Here
17Regarding minutes of IInd IUAA Meet-KUTUMBClick Here
18Regarding KUTUMB Photo & Video gallery of 2nd IUAA Meet.Click Here
19Letter of Thanks for attending "KUTUMB"Click Here
20Notification regarding 2nd meeting IUAA.Click Here