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    Nisha Agarwal
    Chief Editor

    Arkja Singh

    Swati Rai

Editorial Note

Dear Reader,

It seems that we are going to be in this cliffhanger for a long time as the COVID-19 just seems to be evolving into its new variants time and again. Marking the beginning of this year by raining havoc with the Delta variant and ending with the uncertain and unseen danger of Omicron variant.

But of course we always keep finding our little rays of hope, living through each day, looking forward to a better tomorrow. One such thing is the pleasant experience of receiving newer and better manuscripts for each of our Issue from not just national but internationally acclaimed authors.

We thank all the parties concerned who have directly or indirectly contributed, in any way, to put together another issue of Vimarsh.

In case of any queries or comments, we would be happy to hear from you at

Happy Reading...!!!


The Vimarsh Team