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    Nisha Agarwal
    Chief Editor

    Arkja Singh

    Swati Rai

Editorial Note

Dear Reader,

With the end of this year, we can only hope for this pandemic to end too. It brought hopelessness, fear and loneliness for some, while for others it brought a sense of realisation about who we are, what are we doing and what do we want in our life and career. It probably would be right to opine that such are the times when for some Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs became a harsh reality when they were trying to make their ends meet. While for some others it went all topsy-turvy, like our educational and research scenario which has gone into a self-actualisation mode with a resultant revamping of the entire system and a revised NEP.

We observed that the inflow of research papers was even higher this year, when perhaps reflecting upon all these aspects, our fellow academicians rolled up their sleeves and got down to business with even more vigour and sincerity. We are thus thankful to them for choosing us to publish their hard work. We also express gratitude to our Advisory Board and Reviewers, who unfailingly gave their valuable feedback to amp up the standards of our journal.

We thank all the parties concerned who directly or indirectly contributed, in any way, to put together another issue of Vimarsh in such challenging times.

In case of any queries or comments, we would be happy to hear from you at

Happy Reading...!!!
Team Vimarsh