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    Manjula Jain
    Chief Editor

    Arkja Singh

    Swati Rai

Editorial Note

Dear Reader,

Having forayed into the tenth year of publication with Volume 10/ Issue 1 of Vimarsh- An Endeavour to Share Knowledge, we are thankful to all the participants, who have directly or indirectly contributed in making us what we are today. It is important to keep in mind that Vimarsh represents a collective thinking of a group of academically distinct individuals. We very much intend for it to be the premiere research journal in management, behavioural sciences and commerce.

We are grateful to all our authors till date who have contributed their original research work which in turn resulted in enriching our content. Also, it is gratifying to have on board our remarkable gamut of Editorial Advisory Board with whose guidance we have trailed on this path so far and intend to do so further.

And a huge thanks to I’M Advertisers, for bearing with us along with our never ending demands. We assure you that this shall be continued just the same.

Here we are signing off with a promise of several more issues on their way to our readers.

In case of any queries or comments, we would be happy to hear from you at

Happy Reading...!!!


The Vimarsh Team