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    Nisha Agarwal
    Chief Editor

    Arkja Singh

    Swati Rai

Editorial Note

Dear Reader,

With the Volume 10/ Issue 2 of Vimarsh- An Endeavour to Share Knowledge, we have bypassed the ten year milestone in our journey of ever persistent research. Research in itself is a long-lasting arena with continual and purposeful hard work which navigates to constructive inferences. And when realized in the field of management it has a multi faceted outcome for both industry and academia.

Our current issue comprises of research contributions in various diverse domains of management like Entrepreneurship Education, Organizational Citizenship Behavior, E-Tailing, Green HRM, Indian Handloom Industry, Block Chain Technology, Digital Payments, Cloud Computing, etc., thus hoping that our readers should find something that should interest them.

We put forward our sincere thanks to all the contributing factions who have aided us by being a part of shaping this issue at various levels.

In case of any queries or comments, we would be happy to hear from you at

Happy Reading...!!!


The Vimarsh Team