Message to Alumni

Dear Alumni,
The era of globalization and New-Age technology have today coincided with a big bang and joined hands together to effect a radical reorientation of life & society and no less in science & technology. We witness the rapid changes occurring globally everyday. To keep pace with rapid advancement of technology domain, IFTM University has evolved into a forum of higher education with a difference. We always value the time spent with collegians in the campus and desire their next phase as Alumni to be equally rewarding for the lifetime...

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Shri Rajiv Kothiwal
Chief Patron

Dear Alumni, future and prospective Alumni, friends and visitors:
The IFTM University Alumni Association (IUAA) exists wholly and solely, to develop strong bridge among Alumni and the Alma Mater. We remain involved with our families and eventually, we’ve lost touch with those outside our close circle. The IUAA can help you stay connected to those friends who have been with you in your academic pursuits and to the faculty...

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Shri Abhinav Kothiwal

Dear Alumni,
Alumni are the basic constituent and important stakeholders of any Higher Educational Institute. Alumni are life-long family members of any institute and constitute a great force by virtue of their wisdom, innovative minds and ideas, working in the diverse fields at various geographical locations across the globe.
The IFTM University Alumni Association (IUAA) is being set up to empower its knowledge resources and live networking among Alumni to strengthen the bonds between the Alumni and their Alma Mater on a common platform...

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Prof. (Dr.) M.P. Pandey

Dear Alumni,
Higher education in India during the last two decades has witnessed a remarkable growth. Inter-disciplinary studies and interactive learning have opened up options as well as new challenges. The Higher Educational Institute should aim to create platform for quality based education, knowledge enhancement, promoting innovations and bridging the gap between academia and other stakeholders...

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Prof Sanjeev Agrawal
Co Patron

Dear Friends,
I consider it an honor to be the founder president of Alumni Association of IFTM University, Moradabad which is popularly called as "IUAA". Being the alumni of the first batch of BBA (1996-1999) and also starting my career at the Alma-Mater from July 11, 2001 till date, I am 360o indebted to my Alma-Mater...

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Prof. Anuj Srivastava

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IFTM University Alumni Association (IUAA)

Distinguished Alumni

Yogi Ahuja

Abhishek A. Singh

Devesh Saxena

Preema Srivastav

Amit Rathi

Uday Cairai

Rahul Vishnoi

Ankit Raj

Firoz Khan

Mohd. Amber

Abdul Rehman

Dr. Nitya Singh

Mohammed Hasnain Niyazi

Sapna Sharma

Vivek Verma

MCA - 2005

B.Tech BT - 2007

MCA - 2010

B.Tech EC - 2009

B.Tech EC - 2007

B.Tech IT - 2006

MBA - 2008

B.Pharm - 2004

B.Pharm - 2007

MBA - 2013

B.Sc BT - 2014

B.Tech BT - 2007

MIB - 2001

B.Tech BT - 2007

B.Tech Computer Science - 2015

Vice President, Bank of
America, Merrill Lynch,

Scientist, Novo Nordisk,
Copenhagen, Denmark

Cognizant, England

Software Engineer, HCL,

Manager(Production), La
Opala R G Limited, Udham
Singh Nagar

Project Manager, Infosys,

Director, REDBRICS

Sr. Research Scientist,
Jubilant Generics Ltd,

Assistant Professor,
College of Health
Sciences, SEU, Jeddah,
Saudi Arabia

Merchandiser, William E
Connor and Associates,
Gurugram, Haryana

Research Scholar, South
China University of
Technology, School of
Food Science and
Engineering, Guangzhou,

Scientist, Emerging
Pathogen Institute,
University of Florida,

Head (Sourcing), India
Spotisan LLC, New York,

Database Manager, United
Health Group, USA

Information Security
Officer (TL)