NCC Awards

1. CATC Camp Training
All cadets have been participated in various CATC Camps.

2. IGC, 2019
Two cadets, named Pranav (UP/SWA/18/282127) and Srashti Singh (UP/SWA/18/282125) has attended the annual inter group camp at Noida.

3. RDC, 2020
Srashti Singh (UP/SWA/18/282125) has represented NCC Lucknow directorate at the Annual Republic Day Camp.

4. Governor"s Gold Medal
Srashti Singh (UP/SWA/18/282125) is the winner of Governor"s Gold Medal 2020.

5. DG Medal
Srashti Singh (UP/SWA/18/282125) is the winner of Governors Gold Medal 2020.

6. Mountaineering Expeditions, 2019
Cadet Kajal Chaudhary (UP/SWA/18/282139) has successfully completed the expedition and has achieved the height of 15700 feet during the course. She is recommended for Advance course in Mountaineering.