Hostel Wardens

To professionally manage the hostels, the University has appointed resident wardens for all the hostels, who manage the administrative functions under the leadership of Dean of Students Welfare for boys and Chief Warden for the girls hostels.
NameContact No.
Dean of Student Welfare
Dr. Arun Kumar Mishra09451751810
Dr. Alka Lohani08755041987
Ms. Shweta Singh08859332973
Mr. Arvind Kumar09627171008
Dr. Divaker Shukla09458949006
Dr. Pradeep Kumar Tiwari09936639744
Mr. Abhishek Kumar Gupta09311647523
Mr. Shahbaz Khan09451143365
Mr. Chitranjan Singh08899571116, 09837931666
Mrs. Rooma Singh09456688560