Archive Conferences/Seminars/FDP/Symposia/Webinars

Sno Date Title Flyer Report
12021-09-18Guest Lecture on Latest Research Opportunities in Pharmaceutical Industry and significance of Industry-Academia Linkage
22021-07-18International Webinar on " Higher Education Strategies and Learning Process Process in the Aftermath of Covid -19"
32021-07-13FDP on Interdisciplinary Approach of Learning
42021-07-06Online Webinar on Role of Pharmaceutical Research in Post Covid-19 Era
52021-06-22 National Webinar on Human Health & Yoga
62021-06-20National Webinar on Human Health and Yoga-2021.
72021-06-05 National Webinar on Environmental Toxicology and Remedial Measures
82021-06-03National Webinar: Tissue Engineering: Basics, Applications And Hope
92021-04-21Webinar on Earth Day.
102021-03-26Two Weeks FDP on Entrepreneurship From TBI-KIET