NSS Award

National Service Scheme Award

The Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, Government of India had instituted the National Service Scheme Awards to recognize the voluntary service rendered by NSS volunteers, Programme Officers, N.S.S. units and the university/senior secondary council.

These awards were instituted in the year 1993-1994. Since then, these awards are given away every year at various Levels. The details of these awards are as follows:-
Sr.No. Category No. of Awards Value of each award
1. University + Council 1 Rs. 3,00,000/-
2. Upcoming University 1 Rs. 2,00,000/-


Programme Officer

10 Rs. 70,000/-
4. NSS Unit 10 Rs. 1,00,000/-
5. NSS Volunteer 30 Rs. 50,000/-

Objectives of National Service Scheme Award

1. To recognize outstanding contribution by NSS student volunteers, NSS Programme Officers and the Programme Coordinators in community service.
2. To encourage young NSS student volunteers to develop their personality through community service.
3. To encourage the Programme Officers and the Programme Coordinators of NSS for catering the needs of National Service Scheme through the NSS volunteers.
4. To motivate NSS Volunteers for continuing their selfless service towards community work.