Benefit of Students/ NSS volunteers:
1. Personality Development.
3. Preference in Admission / Employment.
3. National Integration camp, Adventure Programme, State level as well as National Level programme.
4. It helps in acquiring leadership qualities and democratic attitude.
5. It provides diversified opportunities to students in colleges and universities to develop their personality through community service.
6. It developer a sense of involvement in the task of nation building.
7. Volunteer"s interaction with the slum dwellers and villagers expose them to the realities of life and bring about a change in their social perception.
8. It helps in developing positive attitude, self-confidence, courage & patience.
9. It helps in developing his / her skill to perform certain jobs, quality of an organiser, an administrator and development of personality as a whole.
10. He / she gets opportunities to see the community closely and thus gets an experience of human nature in relation to his / her environment.
11. Gets the opportunity to meet the people from different walks of life.
12. He/she gets the opportunity to participate in various National / State level programme such as National Integration, Motivational Lamps, value oriented self-development camps, Adventure camps, workshops. Youth exhibition, cultural programmes etc.
13. The NSS volunteer"s may get appropriate weightage if he/she completes 2 years in NSS and gets the certificate signed by the Vice Chancellor of the University.
14. Universities may give preference to such NSS volunteers in matters of admission, promotion and other privileges as decided by them.
15. NSS volunteers should be honoured at University level for their excellent and outstanding work in NSS. The Universities may prepare guidelines for such incentives.
16. The states may also institute state level/district level awards for outstanding NSS volunteers.
17. NSS volunteers may be nominated for Indira Gandhi Awards at National Level.