Records and Registers

The NSS Programme is financed by the public funds. Therefore, the institution should maintain the financial records and registers as required under the rules and these have to be kept open for inspection and audit.

(a) Enrollment Register

A register with complete particulars and profile of the students enrolled in NSS should be maintained unit wise. This register should have information about the name, sex, SC/ST, and class of NSS students, their interests and experience in NSS and other service activities.

(b) Project Register

This register is to be maintained by the Programme Officer with the help of students. It provides a list of the projects undertaken during the year with complete information on each project, viz; place/area/institution, target group, number of students (also names) involved in the particular activity and financial allotment, if any, for the particular project.

The project register should clearly describe the details and the outcome of a particular project periodically. For example, if the project is in the area of health education, details of the number of children covered under the immunization programme should be indicated. This record, in course of time, should reflect on the success or failure of a particular project.

(c) Record of Attendance

Attendance of student volunteers at the various sessions/camps of NSS must be recorded and their signatures must also be obtained.

(d) Work-Diary of NSS volunteer

It will be helpful for each student volunteer to maintain a work diary so as to note details of area of work, target groups, activities conducted, time spent, problems and plans of further action. NSS student leaders of various projects could give details of the activities and programmes, extra hours spent, attendance of the members (volunteers) and target groups.

The Programme Officers will send periodical reports to the NSS Programme Coordinator on the prescribed proforma. The copies of such reports will be endorsed to NSS Regional Centre and State Liaison Officer.

Report of special camping projects undertaken by the NSS units may also be sent to the Programme Coordinator under intimation to NSS Regional Centre, State Liaison Officer for information and projection at appropriate level.

Contact Person
Dr. B.K. Singh