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Regarding Changes in schedule of odd semester exam 2021-22.

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Schedule for Odd Semester Examination 2021-22.

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Leader's Message

The fast-changing world of tomorrow will be an exciting and a challenging place to live, where only the people who adopt themselves to the situation, keep pace with upcoming technologies and have the ability to align their ideas...

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Shri Rajiv Kothiwal


At IFTM University, Moradabad, we believe in providing a truly value based education to develop good professionals, ready to excel in any career, they wish to pursue. We know that the world has become more complex and in order to be successful...

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Shri Abhinav Kothiwal

Pro Chancellor

Education is the driving force that brings change in a person, community, society, and nation. It breaks the barriers of caste, creed, ethnicity and religion by training the minds to think logically; envision, innovate, invent and discover methods for creating a harmonious and sustainable society with skills...

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Prof. M.P. Pandey

Vice Chancellor

Global education scenario is in transition state to transform it to job-oriented education, which is the need of the hour. The employability depends upon the education and training imparted to the future workforce. Education need to be fully balanced...

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Prof. Sanjeev Agrawal


Our Founder

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Akansha Gupta

B.Com (H) 2017 - 20

My journey in IFTM University was a
perfect blend of discipline,
motivation, academic growth, practical
experiences and above all an exposure
to a new world. Here, I was able to
bring out a better version of myself
by exploring my strengths and passion
and developing panache.

Arvind Raghav

B.Pharm 2016 - 20

The School of Pharmaceutical Sciences
is providing excellent infrastructure
and facilities to impart quality
education to the students. The School
is one of the best institutes where I
received industry oriented teaching
learning from the experienced faculty
members. I would like to thank all the
teachers for their love and support
throughout my stay in the University.

Vishakha Rastogi

B.Pharm 2016 - 20

IFTM university is a place where we
find mingling of learning, fun,
culture, sports and many more life and
personality brightening activities. I
would like to thank my Pharmacy
Academy department and its faculty
members for encouraging me to think
globally and to render help in shaping
my career. The friendly attitude of
the professors and their willingness
to offer a helping hand has made me
feel a part of the IFTM University

Siddharth Srivastava

MBA 2018 - 20

I feel honored to be a part of IFTM
University. I feel great and happy
because the environment and the
quality of education which is being
provided by the University is above
the mark. The friendly attitude of all
the teachers as well as their helping
nature in any condition always help
students in moving ahead and also
motivate them to take any challenges.
I am also immensely thankful to my
faculties and Training & Placement
Dept. for the achievement concerning
knowledge and for the personality
enhancement program which helped me
groom and prepare myself to face the
challenges in future. My experience at
IFTM University has taught me one
fundamental thing--life is
unpredictable. I am highly indebted to
IFTM, as it gives me the opportunity
to do my MBA summer training in
China. I am proud to be a IFTMian.

Abhishek Poshwal

Diploma (CS) 2017 - 20

IFTM University has always believed in
helping and guiding its students.
Regular classes help in developing
aptitude and technical skills. Our
teachers and placement administration
also guide and encourage us at each

Surya Pratap Singh

B.Ed. 2018 - 20

IFTM University Provides an opportuniy
to transform the mindset of its pupils
by inculcating virtius and chiselling
inherent qualities so that they become
responsible citizens and leaders of
tomorrow. Here they develop qualities
such as courage, acumen, wit and
enterprenaural craftmanship by
organising Micro Teaching, Seminars,
Debates, and Workshops along with live

Manisha Rastogi

B.Tech (CS) 2016 - 20

Being an IFTMian was an amazing
experience. I got a chance to
formulate my future goals in IFTM.
Every person in the University is
supportive and kind. I learned a lot
and got so many experiences. Thanks
to IFTM University

Diksha Chanchal

BCA 2019 - 22

IFTM University provides a very good
environment for all who wants to
study. I m highly satisfied with all
faculty as all the them are highly
experienced. This is one of the best
University in entire Northern India.

Aditi Bhatnagar

B.Tech BT 2017 - 21

IFTM university is a temple of
knowledge where i got an enriching
experience. I have got a lot of
confidence through various platforms
provided by the college that gave us
opportunity to present our innate
creativity and talent.The faculty of
our college is very supportive and is
ready to help anytime

Ankit Goel

B.Pharm 2016 - 20

In IFTM University, there is a good
environment for the students. The
university provides various facilities
which help us to learn many things. It
not only provides us with various
platforms to showcase our abilities
and skill but also helps us to learn
all soft skills that are highly
required. We get training on interview
skills, communication skills, life
skills, effective time management and
many more. Being on the verge of
completing 4th year, I would like to
thank my university for providing a
perfect stepping stone for the first
phase of my career. The Pharmacy
Academy department is having
intellectual, supportive and
experienced faculties. They are very
much considerate in dealing with the
problems of students. They provide
opportunities for academic
discussions. It"s is all because of
them that I am full of confidence and
have a strong career foundation.


B.Tech BT 2017 - 21

I feel proud to be an IFTM student.
It's truly university which cares for
it students and strives to build a
better future. Our university has a
beautiful campus , setting lectures
with interesting insights and academic
thinking. Our university offers
immediate opportunity to apply in
academic learning.

Jay Chahal

Diploma (CS) 2018 - 21

IFTM University is a hub of
opportunity; it is up to you to grab
them. I am currently pursuing Diploma
in Computer Science and Engineering.
The vibrant and enthusiastic
atmosphere of the university really
help in learning and development of
one"s personality. The years spent
here have been full of learning
opportunities that were full of fun
and frolic and sometimes with academic
grind that one has to go through. The
friendly attitude of the professors
and their willingness to always offer
a helping hand has made me feel a part
of the IFTM family.

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Yogi Ahuja

MCA 2002-2005

I would like to express my gratitude to
all my teachers and the management of
IFTM for helping and guiding me at each
step. I feel blessed to have been a part
of the IFTM University family.

Abhishek A. Singh

B.Tech BT 2003-2007

IFTM-CET has played an important role in
shaping up my future. I will always be
indebted to the excellent faculty
members for their guidance. Thank you

Devesh Saxena

MCA 2007-2010

IFTM is such an institution that not
only inspire you but also teaches what
your end goal is. Here lecture halls
seemed filled with the spirit of wisdom
& the professors were the embodiment of

Preema Srivastav

B.Tech EC 2005-2009

My Graduation at CET/IFTM has been a
very interesting and awesome journey.
Its campus is sprawling and having a
serene atmosphere.

Amit Rathi

B.Tech EC 2003-2007

Environment of IFTM University was just
like a family. Teachers were always like
aspiring force for me. Everyone
recognized my talent with open arms

Uday Cairai

B.Tech IT 2002-2006

IFTM Provides me great opportunity to
work with cooperative world i am placed
in infosys.

Rahul Vishnoi

MBA 2006-2008

IFTM University is much beyond just an
Institution It actually denotes a
Culture, Culture of Excellence,
Empowerment, and Enrichment. Being a
part of IFTM, I felt blessed. The
Institution has moulded my personality
and clarified my vision of the future.
The entire faculty and other members of
this institution are very cooperative. I
got a lot of love and support from my
teachers & colleague and it made my
tenure memorable for me. I am very
grateful to the Institute for providing
guidelines and motivation to inspire me
to achieve my goals.

Ankit Raj

B.Pharm 2000-2004

It is difficult to describe "four years
time in IFTM" in few lines. I believe,
that the accomplishment of an institute
is an after effect of the joint
endeavors of all concerned. This is
something that I learnt at IFTM. The
spot that helped me to choose a career,
as well as an ambition that was
fulfilled by the support of everyone.
IFTM had confidence in its students and
that is the thing that makes this
institute stand apart among others.
Thanks to all the faculty and staff
for their valuable contribution. I am
happy to see the value growth of IFTM as

Firoz Khan

B.Pharm 2003-2007

I really miss the time I spent in
Pharmacy department, IFTM, Moradabad.
IFTM is one of the best institute of
Pharmacy in UPTU, that I have studied
in! I truly appreciate the support of
faculty in developing my skills for the
Pharma ready person. Every single
learning experience at the institute has
grown me socially, academically and
professionally. The atmosphere of
sports, cultural events and other
activities gave some mesmerizing moments
in my life at IFTM. Thank you so much!

Mohd. Amber

MBA 2011-2013

IFTM University has always believed in
helping and guiding its students to
improvise their aptitude and management
skills which were of great help. Also
the events that I took part helped me to
grow my confidence level The
professors also guided and encouraged me
at each step thereby helping me secure
my placement at such a reputed company

Abdul Rehman

B.Sc BT 2011-2014

The faculty is very learned and helpful.
They continuously challenged and helped
me to develop new abilities to sharpen
my skills and broaden my horizons. The
infrastructure and top class laboratory
facilities helped me to gain both
theoretical and practical knowledge.

Dr. Nitya Singh

B.Tech BT 2003-2007

Looking back at the 4 years, that I
spent in my Engineering course there are
so many memories that come as flashback.
I had the pleasure of completing my
graduation from CET-IFTM under the
guidance of highly efficient Professors
and Management.

Mohammed Hasnain Niyazi

MIB 1999-2001

It was 1999 when the batch passed out
and because of Asian Tiger Crisis, the
market was slow and job opportunities
were limited. However, the efforts put
by IFTM tried to come over. The
personality development/ team work and
thorough knowledge of the subject always
kept an edge.
Long Live IFTM

Sapna Sharma

B.Tech BT 2003-2007

IFTM University is a place of learning,
culture, research, sports, literature
and many more activities. Studying at
the IFTM University brought an added
value to my life. It gave me an
opportunity to meet different kind of
people and learn a number of things. I
have received a great support from the
faculty of Biotech and CSE departments
for providing a platform to enhance my

Vivek Verma

B.Tech Computer Science 2011-2015

It was a great journey at IFTM
University, 4 long years of graduation
gave me a lot of opportunities to
discover my talents in Information
Security. I truly appreciate every
single learning experience at college.
The professors here push you to utilize
your knowledge so that you can deeply
understand not just memorize. I have
grown socially, academically &
professionally through my experiences. I
had several job offers in Cyber Security
domain months before i graduated. Today
I am working as a Team Leader of InfoSec
Team with one of the top most BPM
company Globiva Services Pvt. Ltd.

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