Animal House

The Animal House facility at IFTM University in Moradabad is available for teaching, training, and research purposes, as well as to address the growing need for high-quality laboratory animals in the emerging field of Experimental Pharmacology and related fields of science.

Technical personnel are constantly are always available to assist and conduct research and ensure that it is carried out in compliance with the Committee for the Purpose of Control and Supervision of Experiments on Animals' criteria (CPCSEA).

The facility is approved by the CPCSEA for research and education, breeding for internal use, and breeding for commercial purposes (Reg. no.: 837/PO/ReBiBt/S/04/CPCSEA).

The Animal House facility serves as a resource centre for IFTM University's Moradabad's postgraduate and research scholars, as well as faculty from other disciplines.

Quarantine, Store room, Experimentation room, Breeding, Stock room, Sterilization and Cleaning area, etc are all built according to CPCSEA rules and guidelines in the animal home.

At the Animal House, little laboratory animals are kept in sanitary conditions in an electrically controlled environment. Animals are kept in sterile cages and fed a good feed as well as clean drinking water. Each animal room is equipped with an air conditioner to guarantee that the ideal breeding temperature is maintained throughout the year.

IFTM University has centralized power generators to ensure that electricity is delivered without interruption in the case of a power outage or failure. According to CPCSEA requirements, an Institutional Animal Ethics Committee (IAEC) is constituted to oversee the learning and research activities of research scholars working with small laboratory animals.

Application for the Permission of Animal Experiments: Form B
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