Herbal Garden

IFTM University has developed a beautiful herbal garden on campus to continue its long tradition of fostering greenery on campus and to stimulate experiments on medicinal plants.

This herbal garden also contains plants of many sorts with therapeutic properties. Students in the UG, PG, and Ph.D. programmes are encouraged to use this garden to identify species and learn about morphological characterisation of medicinal plants. Generally, UG and PG students from various disciplines visit the herbal garden to identify various plants.

The herbal garden provides the raw materials and fresh plant specimens that graduate, postgraduate and doctoral students need to conduct research on natural goods. Students usually collect plant parts for their projects and then produce extracts and separate the essential phytoconstituents that have therapeutic value. Plant collections are also used by students to prepare herbarium specimens.
For more details, Contact
Dr. Sukriti Upadhyay
In Charge
E Mail: sukriti_upadhyay@iftmuniversity.ac.in