School of Law

School of Law (SOL) emphasizes on learning through application and practice and provides opportunities to study law through practical exposure. Students are encouraged to learn skills essential for the legal profession, legal communications, litigation technicalities, effective negotiations, mediation & conciliation procedures and processes, and best global legal practices. The faculty encourages students to have spirited discussions and debates in classrooms, common rooms, and moot court. Students become conversant with the complexities of law at the Legal Aid Clinic and a Social Consultancy Centre. The School, in a short span of time since inception, has become a recognized name in legal education. At the School, a career-based approach is adopted that delivers client focused lawyers eager to make a mark in litigation, judicial services, teaching, research, and social advocacy. School of Law is providing adequate facilities for higher studies in law, and is running full time two year LLM programme in three different streams i.e. Constitutional Law, Criminal Law and Intellectual Property Law and also Ph.D. in Law. Many students are doing research work in the areas like Law of Taxation, Constitutional Law, Personal law, Intellectual Property Rights, International Law and many more emerging and contemporary legal subjects.