School of Bio Technology

School of Biotechnology offers lectures, laboratory-based exercises with relevant discussions, Journal Clubs and Experimental Design sessions with the help of highly qualified, experienced and well trained faculty members. The overall goal of the School of Biotechnology is to make basic and translational researches that improve our understanding of the biological sciences and human health and to train the researchers, educators and health care professionals of the future. The previous experience of the SBT shows that it provides the students with tremendous opportunity for hands on training in research. The theory and practical exposure to students develops the habit of research including the habit of scientific reading, research methodology, analytical ability, organizational capability, independent thinking and scientific writing. SBT provides a platform for strong learning environment that nurtures and enhances the personality of our students. SBT regularly organizes seminars and guest lectures by experts of National and International repute from research institutes and universities to a repertoire of scientific areas and scientific methodology. The SBT believes that students are best served when programs focus on the development of durable, translatable skills and fundamental knowledge rather than the accumulation of detailed facts. The SBT is currently engaged in innovative themes of work including Nanobiotechnology, Immunology, Cellular & Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics.