Examination System

The examination system is based on a evaluation system that tests the logical & conceptual understanding of the students performance on different parameters. Most of the programmes of the University are based on semester system except wherever the University authorities and statutory bodies decide otherwise. The continuous evaluation is both internal and external.

Internal Exam/ Class Test (CT) during Semester:

IFTM University believes in the comprehensive and continuous evaluation system hence it conducts 3 CTs during each semester viz; First CT (early part of semester), Second CT (middle of the semester) and Third CT (just before final semester Exams) in order to prepare the students for their final exams. However as part of their degree "Best of 3" system is followed for including the marks in their final results. Hence for final marks from CTs, 2 out of 3 best marks are considered for degree.

End Semester Exam Result:

While the internal evaluation comprises of two internal mid semester examinations, projects, assignments, tutorials and attendance, the end semester examination is fully external for ensuring fair assessment of the students competence. A student is eligible for the award of University degree if he/she has undergone the regular course of studies, completed the project report/dissertation specified in the course curriculum within the stipulated time and have secured the minimum credits and percentage of marks needed for the award of concerned degree as per the University ordinances. For details relating to examinations the students are advised to go through the University Ordinance available at University website.


To be eligible to appear in the end semester/annual examination a student should have a minimum of 75% attendance in the semester classes.