IT Facilities

The Centre for Information Technology at IFTM University serves as a node for the university's ICT needs. The centre is critical in establishing a conducive atmosphere for teaching, learning, research, and governance. The different schools of the University have properly well connected computer labs for the students. The backbone of ICT infrastructure is a connected campus with ubiquitous internet connectivity. The entire University campus has Fiber Optic LAN for buildings connectivity and UTP cable for floor and nodes connectivity network and the internal network is equipped with Universal Threat Management system by Gajshield. The centre also cares for the seamless connectivity to various departments and blocks. The University IT team also monitors the University Website, ERP System and other IT facilities. A dedicated Airtel 01 GBPS internet main line supports the academic infrastructure round the clock and provide access to the resources on the Internet. The entire University network is traced and secured by firewall and all the traffic is scanned at the gateway level for threats and viruses. In addition, the visitors at IFTM University can also enjoy the flexibility to access web and exchange resourceful information from anywhere within the campus using their wireless devices.