About Library
Library is considered as the heart of an institution. The Central Library is the hub of information services in the University. It serves as a creative and innovative partner in supporting the teaching, learning and research activities. With a fast growing collection, both in digital and print format using state-of-the-art facilities, currently the Central Library has more than 90,000 books, over 2750 CD-ROMs and subscription of more than 163 National and International journals/magazines in print. The learning resources are upgraded regularly as per the requirements and the indent received from users. Library adopts open shelf system which offers freedom to students to visit, browse, read and explore any document available on the shelves. Subscription of various local, regional and national newspapers in Hindi and English is the key feature of the library. The Circulation activities are fully computerized with the help of Library Management Software, known as TLSS.

Books are a major source of documented information. All books available in the library are further divided in different groups as per the scope of the contents they possess. Library users have various privileges to borrow these books. IFTM University Library has tried to build a strong collection of more than 90,000 books in the area of science, technology, engineering, humanities, social sciences, management, Pharmacy, Law, Agriculture etc. The collection has been divided in two sections namely Textbook Section and Reference Section.

Text Book Section: These are the books which are recommended or available for reading as per the curriculum.

Reference Section : These documents are of reference purpose. Faculty and research scholars generally use these. Most of these documents are rarely used and being of relatively higher cost hence purchasing more number of copies may lead to wastage of funds. Hence, Library possesses 1-3 copies of these books and keep them in reference section. Few copies of highly used books are also being kept in the reference section. Handbooks, reports, thesis, etc are the documents which are of rare category and the Library has only one copy each of these documents. No book from this section is issued to anyone.

Lending Service
This is the key feature of library services. For availing lending (issue/return) service, members need to produce Identity Card of the University. The lending service is fully computerized with the bar-code technology through TLSS library management software. The books and periodicals can be checked out and returned under the specified library rules.

Books30 days60 days
Reference BooksNot allowed07 days
Periodicals (Back)Not allowedNot allowed
CDs/DVDsNot allowed10 days

Inter Library Loan (ILL) Service
The IFTM University Library is a member of Developing Library Network (DELNET). DELNET offers access to union catalogue of over 2000 libraries of India and SAARC countries. Users may avail this facility in case they may not get their needed books, journals, articles, etc in the Library. DELNET coordinates with other members to arrange needed document on loan for short period (15 days) against the request of the member library. DELNET levies a nominal charge towards photocopying and postage for each request. User may search union catalogues and other databases of DELNET through the World Wide Web using the following procedure.

URL: http://www.delnet.nic.in
(The access is through IP range of the institute, hence no login credentials are required to access the DELNET portal)

Online Information Search
The Librarian has been getting frequent requests for arranging full-texts of various articles which are not subscribed by the institute. To streamline the system, we have come up with an "Online Information Search Request". Students need to get the request to be signed from the concerned faculty, so that librarian may devote time for arranging the requests. The users engaged in research work in the form of projects, paper writing etc can avail this specialized service by directly contacting the librarian. For reference Services in Library, members may approach the reference counter for getting any information or any type of assistance for using resources and services. The Library do have separate collections of Reference and reserve materials for queries such as Encyclopedias, dictionaries, handbooks, thesis etc.

New Arrivals
The new additions are displayed in the Central Library opposite to circulation desk in the specially designed cupboard every week (Monday). After the period is over, the displayed publications are sent to the respective shelves. During display period, the new publications can not be borrowed but can be referred to within the library against special request. Web OPAC Catalogue of the library collections, books, journals, magazines and other materials is accessible online . One can know the list of books borrowed and their due dates. IT enables speedy search of library catalogue. It also helps the students to explore the facility of book reservation.

The Library subscribes following important databases. These databases are accessible on the campus network.


Resources through Open Access
Digital Public Library of America
Open Knowledge Repository
Springer Open Books
Virtual Library

Kids Corner
Central Library has created special facilities for kids and Children. A good collection of story books, popular science fictions and reference works have been displayed. Children can also borrow the books on Cards issued to their parents.

General Rules
1. Circulation is available between the 09:00 am to 05:00 pm on working days.
2. All books must be returned on or before the due date, fine of Rs.1/day will be charged after the due date.
3. ID-Card is mandatory for Issuing of books.
4. Books are required to be presented physically at the counter for renewal.
5. Members must replace the book if lost with latest edition along with overdue charges.
6. Members are required to deposit their bags/belongings at the property counter. Library will not be responsible for loss of property. Do not bring any valuables in the library.
7. Use of mobile phone in library is strictly prohibited
8. Students violating the above mentioned Rules or found guilty by the library staff, his/her Membership will be suspended and also debarred from library facilities with immediate effect.

Opening Hours:

Monday to SaturdayTimings
Reading & Consultation9 AM to 9 PM
Issue/Return of books9 AM to 5 PM