Director's Profile

Prof. (Dr.) Rahul Kumar Mishra received MCA Degree from KNIT Sultanpur in 1992 and MBA from IGNOU, New Delhi in 2012. He is Ph.D. in Computer Science & Engineering. His research interest includes Database Management Systems, Real-Time Systems and Distributed Real-Time Database Systems. He has published 16 research papers in International/ National journals and presented 7 papers in different Conferences. He has written number of books on various Computing and Management Topics. Currently he is engaged in writing books on Operating System and Principles of Programming Language in collaboration with his associates. Over the span of 27 years, he was associated with both industry and academia. He has worked on multiple projects in diverse areas such as Software Consulting, Software Development, Configuration Management, Software Quality Assurance etc. He is also having an assignment of Director- Admissions and is playing a vital role in the overall growth of IFTM University.

Dr. Rahul Kumar Mishra
School of Computer Science & Applications